Meaning of the name
Falken: “strong, heroic”
Reck: “Judge, Knight, Hero, Calculate”. Reck originates from the Celtic word “Rick” meaning “Law”. The ancient nobility acted as judge, knight and administrator for a certain region on behalf of the Roman Catholic Empire (Charlemagne).

Falken-Reck (Falkenreck) ArmThe merging of these two Nobility names had to be approved by the Monarch in the 16th century in the Holy Roman Empire.
There is a small number of German noble families that do not carry “von”. These are the “Uradel” (e.g. Haus Reuß)
Falken and Reck are written as one word otherwise it would suggest that the 1000 miles of land between the Falken territory in the East of Germany and the Reck territory in the West is also theirs. It is also correct to write Falkenreck with a hyphen: Falken-Reck.

At the time the family von Falken moves to Earldom Mark, to be precise Hamm, ancestral seat of Familie Reck and also the location of “Haus Reck”, the Family Reck had a lot of influence. This can be seen in the text below:


Movement and possessions Falkenreck between 1556 and present

Movement and possessions Falkenreck between 1600 en 1800
Hof Falkenreck appeared around 1573 and was privately owned by Falkenreck. It consisted of approximately 250 acres of land. In 1822 this was reduced to 84 acres (“Erbkotten”). At the end of World War II, the British Army confiscated most of the remaining land of Hof Falkenreck. Today, what is left of Hof Falkenreck is still owned and inhabited by a Falkenreck (after more than 400 years). The real Falkenreck left around 1855. It was passed on to in-laws, who changed their real name into Falkenreck. In 2016 Hof Falkenreck (what is left of it) has been sold to the municipality of Gütersloh. Until the 17th century the Falkenreck land included several parts of the Gutersloh area and surroundings.