Reck (von Reck)

The beginning of the Medieval Era – The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Von Reck roots in Teutoburger WaldThe Teutoburg Forest is a forest that lies between Rheine and Bielefeld. In a historic battle of 2000 years ago the Germanic tribes defeated the Romans.
Due to this Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, also known as the Battle of Varus, Varus named after the governor of Germania, the Northern border of the Roman Empire is determined by the course of the Rhine.

The final battle takes place in 9 AD at Kalkriese east of the town of Bramsche, north of Osnabrück.

Teutoburger WaldNot only the distance between the places Bramsche and Recke, which is about 20 km and the meaning of the term Recke as “warrior” and / or “knight”, suggests that the von Reck / von der Recke family must have had an interest in the battle (von der Recke is the younger line (“jüngerer Linie”) of the von Reck family).

And the 19th century writer and poet Heinrich Heine sees a connection (Roger F. Cook):
When, for instance, Heinrich Heine evokes Hermann, he Refers to him as “der edle Recke” … conquest in the Teutoburg Forest by claiming: ”Die siegte in diesem Drecke,” …

From this time the von Reck family belongs to the primeval nobility.

Bloodline Karel de Grote / Charlemagne

Descendants of Karel de Grote (name list)

Line Heessen (Connection with Falken)

Gert XIII von der Recke (? – 1535), Herr auf Heessen. “Ritter vom heiligen Grabe”

Johann XX von der Recke (? – 1582), “Droste zu Werne und Herr auf Schloss Heessen”

Elisabeth von der Recke (?-1620?)

The line Heessen ends with Anna Elisabeth von der Recke (born in 1710).

The Bishop of Paderborn

Dietrich Adolf von der Recke was born on June 18, 1601 at the Haus Kurl and deceased on January 30, 1661 at the castle Neuhaus in Paderborn. He was Bishop Adolf Dietrich (Fürstbischof) of Paderborn from 1651. His period of government was marked by reconstruction after the 30-year war and because of his background he could contribute to innovations in the diocese.
Paderborn Pfennig & Medal

The diocese of Paderborn had seignorage and the pictures above are examples. An authentic front of a Pfennig right and a reference of a medal from the left in 1656.

Movement and possessions von Reck between 1256 and ±1800

Movement and possessions von Reck

Bloodline with Oranje-Nassau