Maurits Falkenreck:. descends from the “uradliche” lines von Falken and von Reck. From an early age he has a strong “love” for Gauguin and Van Gogh, partly motivated by love of art within the family line and the practice of arts within the family (sculpting and painting throughout the centuries).
In his daily life he is an inventor and has several successful IT innovations to his name. Some of his innovations are:


  1. Invention to reduce paper waist in entertainment world – Beep! mobile tickets –
  2. Invention to empower diaspora to directly donate private health care to family members in Africa – 4Another –
  3. Invention to make legal assistance accessible to less haves without the loss of quality – &
  4. invention to empower retail to launch promotions and loyalty campaigns to mobile users based on their location and based on their needs – / Walvis Participaties

In a meeting in Brussels on November 15th 2010 Maurits also elaborated on the design faults of the EPD = “Electronisch Patienten Dossier” and moreover presented an alternative solution to Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau (Member of Cabinet of Vice President Neelie Kroes Digital Agenda).

In his personal life he is surrounded by some of the finest well-known artists. His personal favourites are represented by the Falkenreck Gallery.